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Admission News

Swayam Siddhi Management Institute is one of the best MBA Colleges in Mumbai Providing value added education from Mumbai University.


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IIM Guest Lecture on Business Analytics by Mr.Ketan Solanki ( Business Analyst in Ingram Micro SSC India Pvt Ltd)---------- Winners in SIP Competition from MMS MBA Second Year ----------- Movie Club Competition at Swayam Siddhi College of Management--------- Alumni Meeting held on 8th of October from 2006 to 2016 Batch Ex-Students. --------- Motivational Speech Guest lecture by Prathamesh Veling, Magic Institute of Excellence--------- Faculty Dressed up for Navratri Celebration-------- Farewell party given by Students to Prof.Sneha Patel ----------- Certificate Distribution for Excellence Performance in Digital Media, Advanced Excel & Soft Skill Development------



We are extremely delighted as we launch the first issue of our fortnightly E-Newsletter, “The Conquest”

We are thankful to the management of this institute for showing confidence in us for this endeavor.

Before we go into the contents of this issue, we, on the behalf of entire first year batch would say “All the very best” to the second year students for their upcoming term end exams.

 Now, coming back to the contents of our newsletter, it is aimed to inform all the students about the various interesting events that have happened during the fortnight of that particular issue.

So, our first issue will cover four events:

  1. First session of IIM lecture series (7th November 2017)
  2. SIP competition (8th November 2017)
  3. First session of Movie Club (13th November 2017)
  4. Team Building Activity (14th November 2017)

Besides this, we have kept a Creative Corner which would showcase different creative talents like poetry or story writing, photography, social work, extra-curricular achievements, of our first year and second year students.

So you can send your works and achievements at which we will try to incorporate in our future issues.

We look for your support and once again thank the management for giving us this wonderful opportunity.-          Editorial Team


On 13th November 2017, our institute hosted the first session of Movie Club- an innovative concept to encourage holistic learning in us, through movies.

In this first session, highly renowned movie “The Secret”, a movie based on the Law of Attraction, a concept which has changed the lives of many, was showcased.

Following the movie, we were asked to give a group presentation on the learning that took place through this movie.

After presenting and listening to presentations done by our fellow classmates, one thing was clear- everyone had loved this idea. There was enormous learning; massive participation and a strong positive vibe flew across the campus.

Also, the jury panel provided some valuable insights to various teams participating in the event.


IIM Lecture Series

On 7th November, Our Institute hosted the first lecture of IIM Lecture Series- a wonderful project wherein, the best in the business- IIM passouts, leaders currently serving at top positions in the corporates are called in, to teach a blend of management concepts and industry oriented learnings.

So for the first session, Mr. Ketan Solanki, IIM-C passout, currently working as Business Analyst at Ingram Micro was called to deliver a lecture on Role of web Analytics in business.

With his rich experience, vast domain knowledge and wonderful oratory skills, Mr. Solankigave us some valuable insights in the field of Business Analytics and its growing importance


On 14th November, “Children’s Day”, as we were packing our bags and leaving for the day, our faculty members were successful in giving us a sudden surprise.

There was an announcement made, “A big group activity is arranged for all the students and hence everyone should assemble in the seminar hall.

No one knew what lied ahead. As we gathered, we were bifurcated into random groups and asked to enact different corporate scenarios. But there was a twist here. The game was such that even if one member of a team faltered, the entire team was disqualified.

It was an enriching fun-filled activity which gave loads of learning from team dynamics point of view.



Our institute had organized a Summer Internship Project Presentation competition for the second year students of MMS on 8th Nov.2017.

Total 10 students (2 from each specialization) had participated in the presentation competition. A slot of 10 minutes was allotted to each student. We as first year students were asked to be present so that we could get a first hand idea of exactly what happens and how the learning takes place in summer internship.

External Jury Mr. Omar Maner who is a  post-graduate in Management with over 30 years of IT industry experience across 3 organizations with expertise in Strategy Management, Client Relationship Management, Delivery Management, HR Management and Quality Management had been invited to judge the competition.

The event started with a short talk by Mr. Omar Maner. In his talk he emphasized the importance of Summer Internship with exclusive examples and challenges in the world of management at large. 

Question Answer session had been scheduled after each presentation in which participants performed very well. 

The event was full of enthusiasm and we as first year students surely benefitted a great deal from it.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government enforces Goods and Services Tax (GST) from July 1, 2017. The GST is a unified indirect tax across the country on products and services. It is a single tax (collected at multiple points) with a full set-off for taxes paid earlier in the value chain. For transactions within a State, there will be two components of GST - Central GST (CGST) and State GST (SGST) - levied on the value of goods and services. Both the Centre and the States will simultaneously levy GST across the value chain. GST tries to establish as an indirect tax with the idea of reducing red-tape, plugging leakages and paving the way for a transparent indirect tax regime. This will simplify the administration of indirect taxes and plug leakages. The GST, being a nationwide tax, could lead to possibly higher inflation in the first few years of its introduction but would gradually increase the overall GDP. The GST is an indirect tax collected from customers who buy manufactured goods or services. So whether you are earning a salary or not, as long as you buy something, you’ll be paying tax. With respect to those living below the poverty line, there might not be a direct impact of the GST on them as such since basic necessities like food are unlikely to attract the GST. Broadly, services are expected to become costlier under the GST regime, as the expected GST rate would be higher than the existing service tax rate of 15%. Clearly, the GST is expected to bring down prices of indigenously manufactured goods on account of current effective indirect taxes (central excise @ 12.5%, State VAT @ 5%-15% etc.) being higher as compared to recommended lower GST rate @ 5% and standard GST rates @ 12% and 18%. Thus, price of certain category of goods may come down depending on the effective rate of indirect taxes being paid at present and the tax brackets under which goods are classified under the GST. Recently, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley hinted at further “rationalisation” of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), depending on revenue buoyancy.

BY. Prof. Ranjana Singh


Creative Corner
Stage Fright

“Vikrant, please come forward and share your experience. How was this course? Did it help you?”

And Vikrant gets up frantically, his feet almost resonating at the highest frequency of a tuning fork, his hands cold and sweaty, his eyes literally popping out, as he drags his feet on the stage.

Vikrant starts speaking, ” Aaa… err..It was good…  I felt… nice.. I am happy that I joined this…” As Vikrant continues, he realizes people have started yawning, a few howling, a few getting up to leave. Seeing this, Vikrant abruptly says “Thank you” and leaves the auditorium.

Why did this happen?

Was this meant to happen?

Was this destined?

Is Vikrant dumb or below average?

No, certainly not!
Now this is something you need to understand. It was Vikrant himself who made this happen.

It was the buildup just before delivering his words, that made it happen. When Vikrant’s name was announced, this is what happened…
“What will I say? I don’t know what to do? I am nervous.. I have never done this before.. I am bad at speaking in public.. This is going to be one horrible experience.. Everyone will make fun of me..” This is exactly what Vikrant thought of..

He just made it happen! He wanted it.. He said it to himself.. And he got it! 
What he did was suicidal…

I know many of you connected to it. Many felt “This Vikrant is so similar to me..”

Now how Vikrant could have avoided this?

This is important folks, this approach that I am going to write below.. Please read it carefully.

It is very simple and yet it will change you forever.

I want you to remember these four steps.

When asked to perform, first thing you do is SMILE. A smile has immense power in relaxing your mental muscles and making you feel confident. Tell yourself how positive you feel about yourself. How this performance is going to be one of the best that you would ever give.. How when you will end, everyone will  be standing up and applauding you. Tell yourself that you were waiting for this opportunity.. This is it.. “I am going to grab this opportunity with both hands.”As you walk, breath rhythmically.. Have a sip of water.. Give the widest smile you can.. And POUR YOUR HEART OUT…

And I promise you, when you end, people would be standing clapping insanely and admiring you like anything. And I really hope you would tag this day as one of the best in your life.



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