a HR Summit 2017
HR Summit 2017

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Hr Summit 2017

Date: 17th March 2017                                                        Venue: Hotel Tip Top Plaza

Time: 05.30 pm to 09.30 pm

Name of the Event: HR Summit 2017

Number of participants in the event: 21

Dr. Swati Vispute (Faculty of HR & Marketing) along with team organized HR Summit 2017 at Tip Top Plaza, Thane. The HR professionals from varied organizations participated in the event.

About HR Summit 2017

  • The theme of HR Summit was “Ethics in HR”. The event was conducted in four sessions. Each session had the specific topic to be discussed by the participants. Following issues with respect of ethics in HR were discussed by them:
    • Is Legal Compliance The Same As Ethical Behaviour?
    • Challenges With Respect To Race, Gender And Disability
    • Privacy Issues In Organizations
    • Compensation And Governance In Organizations
  • Each session was chaired by one eminent professional. Following are the name of the professionals who chaired the sessions:

Purpose of HR Summit 2017:

  • To understand and discuss Ethical issues in HR
  • To discuss problems faced by various HR professionals.
  • To emerge with solutions for various problems in ethical practices in HR.
  • To guide students on practical application of various HR practices.
  • To develop live case studies on varied HR issues.
  • To enrich course content with practical inputs.

Takeaways from HR Summit

  • There was a brainstorming session on various ethical issues faced by HR professionals in varied organization.
  • The discussion gave following learning to professionals and students attending the summit:
    • Ethical practices should comply with the law
    • Compliance of ethics is required in daily life of an individual
    • The requirements for gender equality are acceptance from society, infrastructure, policies, etc.
    • Transparency and ethical bahaviour is required for tackling privacy issues in organizations.
    • Compliance with government standards is necessary for compensation related issues of the organization.
    • Ethics flows from top to bottom from society to families and from families to individuals.
  • Case studies are planned to be developed from the learning of the summit.
  • Research paper is planned to be developed and published on the basis of learning from summit.

Closing of HR Summit

Professionals Participated

Mr. Vishwajeet S. -  Flipkart Ms. Rajita Shetty – Kelvin Cold Chain
Mr. Prayag Tamboli – GIBAB India Ms. Priyanka Yadav – Satcom Infotech
Ms. Beenna Salla – DNA Associates Ms. Suchita Damle – VE Commercial Vehicles Co. Ltd.
Mr. Swapnil Nikalje – FSC Ltd. Mr. Vikram Sharma – FSC Ltd.
Mr. Ankit Mishra – IKS Health Mr. Sanjya Vishe – Vishe Advertising
Mr. Dattaram Parab – Home Revise Education Ms. Akshata Awalegaonkar – Syntel IT Ltd.
Ms. Soniya Pal – A ROSA Ms. Kanhan Raney – Future Retail Ltd.
Mr. Vikram Shah – Galaxy Business Solutions Mr. Rohan Kanivale – V. E. Commercial Ltd.
Mr. Ashish Banka – NERIEUX Nutrisci

Faculty Members Participated

Dr. Manju Gupta Dr. Swati A Vispute Prof. Sneha Patel
Dr. Atul Rawal Prof. Trupti Pagare Mr. Sagar Bhanushali