a MMS / MBA 1st year Induction Program
MMS / MBA 1st year Induction Program

Swayam Siddhi Management Institute is one of the best MBA Colleges in Mumbai Providing value added education from Mumbai University.

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MBA / MMS 1st Year Starting on 8th August 2017. 

A Induction program is organized by college from 8th August 2017 to 11th August 2017. Entire Details of College, Schedule, College Structure, Roles and Responsibilities, Rules and Regulations and other information are introduced to Students.
Swayam Siddhi College Welcomes all Students For Induction Program.
Roles and Responsibilites

Coordinators for the Orientation Day- 2017
Sr. No  Session  Related Work  Coordinator
1 MoC  Anchoring and overall coordinator  Sneha Patel 
Trupti Pagare 
2 Administration  Cleaning  Parmar Sir 
Fleet Arrangement 
Guest Room arrangement
Meal- Lunch 
Decoration the table 
Momentos/ Shawl/ Bouquet
Water arrangement 
Electricity/ Appliances/ AC 
3 Freshia  Name Plates with the prints  Suchismita Das 
4 Lamp Lighting  Garland Greeshma Srijit 
Pooja Thali
5 IT Photography Sagar Bhanushali
Life at SSCMR- PPT 
Faculty Name Board 
Backdrop/ Banner 
Profile of Guest, Trustee & Director (Precised & Detailed)
6 Delegates  Profile of Guest and photographs  Trupti Pagare 
Finalization of Chief Guests
7 Registration Desk    Seema Ghoshalkar 
8 Notice Board  Photographs Ankur Tandon 
Quotes / Proverbs 
9 Students Coordination  Prayer  Sneha Patel 
Folk Dance 
Management Activity 
Overall Volunteering