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IIM Guest Lecture on Business Analytics by Mr.Ketan Solanki ( Business Analyst in Ingram Micro SSC India Pvt Ltd)---------- Winners in SIP Competition from MMS MBA Second Year ----------- Movie Club Competition at Swayam Siddhi College of Management--------- Alumni Meeting held on 8th of October from 2006 to 2016 Batch Ex-Students. --------- Motivational Speech Guest lecture by Prathamesh Veling, Magic Institute of Excellence--------- Faculty Dressed up for Navratri Celebration-------- Farewell party given by Students to Prof.Sneha Patel ----------- Certificate Distribution for Excellence Performance in Digital Media, Advanced Excel & Soft Skill Development------

IIM Guest  Lecture  on  Business Analytics by Mr.Ketan Solanki ( Business Analyst in  Ingram Micro SSC India Pvt Ltd)

Date:  7 November, 2017                          Venue: Swayam Siddhi College of        Management & Research

Time: 11 am to 1 PM

Name of the Event: “ IIM Guest  Lecture  on  Business Analytics"

Number of participants in the event: 90

Swayam  Siddhi College of Management & Research organized a  IIM Guest  Lecture  on  Business Analytics  for  MMS  students on :  7 November, 2017.

This guest lecture was organized by  Ms. Sanju Gupta (Asst.Prof- Information Technology) & supported by 2 Students of MMS 1st Yr.

The guest lecture  was attended by the all MMS students.
The  Guest Lecture  was conducted  by  Mr.Ketan Solanki ( Business Analyst in  Ingram Micro SSC India Pvt Ltd) . This program was organized to create awareness among MMS  students about the  Role  of web Analytics  in business. The Key Objective of this guest lecture is an intensive entrepreneurship training programme towards the  digital media and its role in business aiming at helping entrepreneurs to put their idea into action, bring an attitudinal change and build their personal entrepreneurial skills.

Profile of Speaker- Name- Ketan Solanki

 Area of Specialization-
An IIM C Alumnus, a qualified and accomplishedleader in the area of advanced analytics with 10+ years of experience. His expertise being in Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Marketing Analytics and Prediction Analytics in the field of Financial Services , IT, Banking and Insurance, Human Resources and Education Management.
Currently, he is based at one of the largest information distribution and supply chain services, Ingram Micro SSC India Pvt Ltd ,Analytics – Global Web Strategy. He is responsible for driving business analytics offerings and services and strategic growth opportunities via web marketing, diverse digital channel optimization and analytics solution.
Ketan was also associated with education in India and have been active as lecturer/faculty/advisor to premier B- schools and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited as a visiting faculty.
He holds a postgraduate degree in Business Analytics from IIM C.

Summary Point of Lecture

  1. Importance of data in the real Life
  2. Role of big data in industry
  3. How web analytics uses the big data
  4. Introduction of block chain technology
  5. Discussion about the Bit coin
  6.  Market analysis of API
  7. Sharing his experience of IIM C

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